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The welcome to our delicious corner We have a proper passion for cooking. Love is the secret ingredient that makes all our meals taste better and magical. Best Dishes c c The take a sip of our innovative drinks & wines From the delicious food to wonderful cocktails & wine, Hazine's offering is guaranteed to satisfy all of your taste buds. Finest Drinks c c The the most delicious flavor combos Experimentation in the kitchen and focus on excellence are among our main driving forces in cooking. Food Heaven c c

Our Story

Since 1982, not only have I had the opportunity to watch my grandfather and father be amazing and create a difference within the food industry, I have been fortunate enough to receive the knowledge and skills to take there ventures to the next level.

As a child I remember my father creating dishes which captured the essence of turkey as well as capturing the essence of him as a human being. The passion, the desire and the creativity awed me so much I wanted to treasure it forever.

Furthermore, Hazine Means Treasure, not just any kind of treasure, a treasure that is prohibited to touch, a treasure that is greatly valued and cannot be exchanged. At Hazine, we treasure the quality of our food’s & drinks, our service and more importantly our guests.

Inherently, not only am I treasuring the knowledge that has been passed on to me, but I am also treasuring my legacy.

Welcome to hazine

Metin Arslanboga

Excellent food and reasonably priced. Staff were all polite and professional. My 1 year old took a liking to the chef in the open kitchen and he took the time to interact with her. Was recommended to me and I will definitely be doing the same.

Ben Waterman

Local Guide

The ambiance was lovely. We arrived a little late for our date night but they were sweet. Gave us a table and was very lovely. The food was great! Delicious!

Ladyno Green

Local Guide

So, so nice. You won't be disappointed!! Best place to eat in Bexleyheath

Richard Brooks

Local Guide

Hazine Bexleyheath

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