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The welcome to our delicious corner We have a proper passion for cooking. Love is the secret ingredient that makes all our meals taste better and magical. Best Dishes c c The take a sip of our innovative drinks & wines From the delicious food to wonderful cocktails & wine, Hazine's offering is guaranteed to satisfy all of your taste buds. Finest Drinks c c The the most delicious flavor combos Experimentation in the kitchen and focus on excellence are among our main driving forces in cooking. Food Heaven c c

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Welcome to Hazine, where Turkish culinary traditions meet contemporary elegance. As a third-generation artisan in Turkish cuisine, we proudly present an authentic taste of the Mediterranean. Specializing in mezes and grilled dishes, we blend tradition with innovation, using only the freshest ingredients.

At Hazine, our dishes tell a story of tradition and excellence, from rich mezes to tantalizing grilled specialties. Beyond dining, we host unforgettable events with live performances, creating a vibrant atmosphere that transports you to Turkey. Our commitment to memorable experiences extends to our amazing cocktails, expertly crafted to complement our bold flavors. Additionally, indulge in our carefully curated wine menu, where each bottle is a testament to our personal visits to the vineyards from which we source our wines.

Join us at Hazine, where tradition meets modernity, and every meal is a journey through the rich and diverse flavors of Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine. We look forward to welcoming you to our table for an experience that embraces warmth, hospitality, exquisite flavors, and a connection to the vineyards that make our wine selection truly special.

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